WuweiTaiji – ‘doing by not doing’

Night Landscape Photo

The most practical approach to experience reality is appreciation (deep understanding – not gratitude). The more we appreciate it, the more we let go conscious mind from a tendency to control. If we allow our micro players to use its own intelligence, we see reality clearer. Appreciation is a deep understanding.
Awareness feeds our internal senses. If we want to get better at anything, we need to have more awareness. Feeling of comfort is our positive feedback performance. [Comfort – give support] We must not do what is unnecessary. Without listening to our interior players we introduce anxiety. Our intentions tend to be unrealistic. In result, external manifestation and effort create stress. So, conscious mind role is to listen, appreciate and encourage all internal parts to do its job. Unconscious space captures much more information about reality. We just need to learn to stay quite and listen.

Thoughts from Wuwei Tai Chi, Princeton, New Jerseyfrom Master Wonchull Park teaching