Work More Compelling

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When we separate ourselfs from what we do and who we are, then we can more objectively price our work and ask for a sale. We have assumption what other people would pay for something. We think our idea is valuable while valuable is what people do with our idea. What problem this idea would solve? Only then, it is easier to put a price on it and sell it.
How do we know our idea is valuable?
Here are some helpful questions:

What makes you most interesting?

intuition, unpredictability, spotting, experimenting, detecting, spirituality, care, openness, rebelness, loyalty, exploring….

What makes you most compelling? Things that makes us really angry show a lot of light on what we find the most compelling.

somebody hurt, injustice, deceive, violence, waste, judging, no respect, imposing… 

On the other spectrum is what you really love. What kind of transformation you want to create for yourself and other people and why.

beauty, peace, truth, creative risk, confidence, generosity, caring, protecting values, flow, passion, unpredictability, simplicity, uniqueness, straightforwardness…

What is the problem you need to solve in your lifetime? What is your community problem?

Creating visual aura of calmness with healing reflection of life stillness and connection to organic comfort.

“You measure a man by an amount of problem he is tackling. If you are tackling a problem of poverty now, you are not going to think that your shirt got messed up in dry cleaning.”

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast “Make your Work More Compelling” with Tara Gentile and “The Keys to Exponential Personal and Professional Growth” with Salim Ismail