Willingness to make something that matters

ships photo-willingness to make something that matter

Willingness to make something that matters. It is the most intriguing proposition. Self-knowledge is the necessary preparation. We want to come up from an authentic place. (When people are fake, it is not comfortable to be around them. The energy spread out and our body and nervous system detect that and crunch.)

Most of the time, there is no shortcut to get there. When we sail from one place to the other, you do not go by the straight line (the shortest distance). We go the way the way the wind blows. From San Diego to Seattle the easiest way is to go is to sail toward Hawaii.

So, where is the wind? We want to pay attention to our emotions. They give us a clue to explore our needs. When we connect to our emotions, we gain insides about our needs. We learn that our needs are not met. Our needs are contributions, purpose, fulfillment, acceptance, confidence. When we are able to connect with the feeling of others, we are able to learn about their needs (values). When our need for fulfillment is not met, it might be because we highly value fulfillment. If we value security and we are terrified, it might be that our need for security is not met. When we are judging, there is a sigh of emotion in play. It’s time to pause and recognize what these feelings are. What are they trying to tell you about our unmet needs? Then, we need to provide correct strategy. We all rank our needs differently. I value freedom. Freedom sacrifices security. A strategy is to understand a different level of prioritizing our needs. Conflicts arrive at the level of strategies, not needs.

What if the wind changes direction? When we are rejected in life, it’s not because we are not creating value. It’s because the story that we tell the person who rejected you doesn’t match. An antidote for fear is practice to share something about the world that you noticed. In my mind imagery, (music, movies, books) give us the invitation to be a part of the unfinished idea. Pictures become completed when they resonated on a personal level with the viewer. The price we pay is our willingness to be wrong and be criticized. But, somewhere there lay what matter. So, commit to own uniqueness. Everything we do in life is a practice.
You can only keep what you give away. Time is something you cannot get back.

Whenever we put our attention, we shape the reality of your experience. The movie we are watching the 2nd time it is not the same movie. The second time we watch it from different perspective, point of view and experience. It is a different movie.

Thoughts from two interviews of Unmistakable Creative: “Designing More Self-Aware Life” with Whitney Hess and
“What to do when is your turn” with Seth Godin