We are not free until we decide where we are moving toward

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I do not beat myself over a failure. I treat all business or relationship as a project. I use lessons I learned from each project (not tied-in into results so much) to make better decisions in the future.

“There is no wrong. There is what is.”


2 circles:
The pain comes when you confuse these 2 circles.
The only reason we feel disappointed on first place is because we created a story of what we think happened. What about when things go well? Again, it is not good or bad; it is just opportunity that show up. There is what is and just our interpretation drive the feeling. I separated myself from the good or bad interpretation by awareness or changing interpretation.

Freedom is an empty concept like an empty room. You can clean up what you do not like it, but it does matter until you fill up this space with something you like it. For example, I might want to be free from this job, oppression etc; it is easy to identify what we want to be free from. Elimination of pain or struggle it is not freedom. But it is just a awaiting vacuum. You are not free until you marry what you going toward. We are not free until we cut off the chain that keep us in place and sprint toward the destination we want to be. Freedom and growth are completely linked. We are not free until we clearly decide where we are moving toward.

People are confused by the value and time. They operate as if they are to be compensated for their time and effort. No one cares how hard you work on something. In the marketplace, it does not matter. What is matter is a value you provide. So, you can enhance the value you provide and money will follow the value.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Defining freedom in a way that saves you with Ryan Moran