There is loneliness inside everybody


Marcel Proust darkly said that none of us cannot be understood by another human being perfectly. There is loneliness inside everybody. And to blame someone for not understanding you fully, it is deeply unfair. In fact, we do not understand ourselves; we do not know how to communicate ourselves to others. And we are furies and bitter instead.  People do not get who they are. Where to find inspirations?
Based on research the happiest country in the world is Denmark. (Actually last time I checked “Switzerland Replaced Denmark As The World’s Happiest Country “. It is not the point.) What is the common respond of their residents? They said that the secret of their happiness are low expectations. Does it mean they lose an ambition and sense of realism? It’s paradoxical positions. Yet, being pessimistic does not mean to be gloomy all the time. In reality, things are so dark (under a minute blood cloth can end our most ambitious plan). To keep up, we all need a “glass of the lemon juice” or sincere conversation with a friend. Little things matter. Daffodil flower looks beautiful when you are coming from a hospital bed. Maybe people are not mean; maybe they are just anxious.

Thoughts from The Tim Ferriss Podcast – How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Alain de Botton