The Environment that Make Up your Life

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In reality, you have to be uncomfortable enough to be willing to move to a new environment. Typically, we do not pay attention to our health until you had health issues. But, how do we prefer to deal with it: out of inspiration, or out of desperation?
One way to do it is to “marinate” yourself with “good” stuff, so we become “good.”
If you change one environment, that will have a ripple effect on other environments. If you exercise, your body environment improve. What happened with your self-image? It will improve as your networking.
Our purpose on this planet is to evolve spiritually. When you die, your body environment decay. There will be no energy illuminating the cells. Your soul comes to this physical plane and leaves this physical plane. What is the purpose for you to be here, on this planet, for …that many years? Upgrade your environment to upgrade your life.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast“The Environment that Make Up your Life” with Jim Bunch