Making choices often and early


Steal the Show with Michael Port:

Be the kind of person so others are willing to help you. Choose early and often. 
Strong ability to improvise, it will help us to stay longer in the moment. Instead of thinking about what to say next or what to say something about that we already said.
The choices we make signal the other people who we are and what we believe in. If we do not make choices that are strong, we do not produce much. If we make choices that are weak-easy, we revile low image of our self. If we do not make any choices at all, nothing will happen. If we make choices often and early, it gets us further and quicker.

It seems like overcoming resistance is a step toward the strong choice. Less is better but is it strong? Exploring the “stronger” choices takes readiness and previsualization. They are resources for improvisation-stay longer in the moment.

Stand Out — Dorie Clark:

“To bring idea to live you do not necessary need time, you need space for it”
You will never go where you want to get by attacking the target directly. You almost always need to go sideways to build your brand sufficiently. So they hear of you and they will come to you.
Play your strength. If it takes you to write a blog 25 hours, do it video.

So, be the kind of person that others are willing to help. Make yourself useful for others.

Thoughts from two interviews of Unmistakable Creative: “Steal the Show” with Michael Port and Accidental Creative: Dorie Clark on “Stand Out”



John McAfee:
Privacy is the highest standard in our life. We are making privacy decision every day. We are nobody without privacy.
Apple does not make money by you buying iPhone. They making money finding information about you. “Tell us where you are and we will help you to find the restaurant”. It feels good when you lose privacy because you are being assisted – it will make live easier for you. You do not need to think that much.
Gary Vaynerchuk:
Privacy is dead; nobody gives a shit about privacy . We are all media company right now. Everything is recorded and that makes us accountable. Transparency is real.

Transparency is a good framework to better yourself. Although, privacy enclose more information (reality). We can learn from each other thru transparency; we can exercise our kindness, honesty, and generosity. Transparency is entertaining, emotional and insightful. Privacy lives in the waiting room. It is comfort and joy, and sorrow, and suffering… Privacy leads transparency. While transparency fuels privacy to extract more data, privacy responds by protecting our growth and well being. Perhaps, a more meaningful privacy, the more transparent we can become.

Thoughts from two interviews of The James Altucher Show – with John McAfee and Gary Vaynerchuk

Awareness – Anthony de Mello


Happiness is not thrill or excitement. Happiness is a state of not illusion. Every time we are unhappy, we added something to reality. We do not need to add anything; we need to drop something. It’s the addition that creates negative reaction in you. Reality provides stimulus. We provide reaction: desire, expectation, curving, confusion. We cannot get something we already have it. No event can justify negative feelings. Never identify with that feeling. There is a “hurt” feeling right now. But, everything passes. A reality is in a flow.
The table you bumped your knee against, it does what suppose to do. The pain is on your knee, not on the table. When somebody you do not like it passes by, do you think: “I want you to behave, otherwise I will punish myself with not positive feelings”? Understand, the feeling is in you, not in the reality. The reality is not problematic.

Whoever said that you need a sense of belonging was wrong. What you need is to be free. And you do not do anything to be free. You drop something to be free. When you drop illusions, life is easy.

Do not seek the truth – just drop off your opinion. Truth cannot be put into the words. Reality cannot be put into a formula.

What you aware of, you in control. What you not aware of, it controls you. You loose something when you not aware.

When illusion clash with the truth (falseness with reality), we suffer. The root of a sorrow is carving. Suffering will vanish when you understand it.
When you have a toothache, you aware that you have a tooth. When you do not have a toothache, you do not even know that you have a tooth.

When you throw black ink to the air, it stays clear. Become uncontaminated. Do not fulfill a desire. Understand it. See it in a true light. Transform desire to preference-2nd choice.

Success is when you do not have to explain to anyone. You do not give a shit what anybody think of you.

When you change, everything changes. How do you change? You do not have to do anything. All you have to do is to understand.

We see people not as they are but as you are. That is why when 2 people look at something, they see different things.

We do not need to be loved, we need to Love. Why do you love somebody? Is it because you have a list of my conditions that are appealing to you? Love is clear perception without ideas or concept.

No one reject you, they just reject what they think you are.

The dance and the dancer: God is the dancer and creation is the dance (you are being a dance)…realize that you are something other than you.
The final barrier to finding God it is a concept of the word God. The word is not the thing. Concepts are universal, not individual. Trees, leaves…not oak leave. If I cannot express the reality that is visible to you, how can I describe God? God is an unexplained mystery. Concepts only lead us to reality. Concepts are static. The concept will drop when you connect to reality. A reality is in a flow.

The one who wants to stay constant must constantly change (flow). Flow with an enemy and you overcome an enemy. Only if you have solid attitudes it hurts. Solid things break when you cut them. When your nose is unobstructed, you smell better. When your eye is unobstructed, you see better. When your mind is unobstructed, the result is wisdom. Wisdom is not experience. Wisdom is influenced by experience. When the heart is unobstructed, the result is love. See each person in its moment of freshness (not precondition).

Keeping body alive is not a life. You live only if you ready to loose your life. Only when it does not matter if you dead or alive. If you are protecting your life, you are dead.

You will be judged not by what you do but who you are. Not your action but your being.

Be aware of things around you. Love is generated thru awareness.

Thoughts from Awareness – book by Anthony de Mello


Numing Pictures

Picture emotions as sharp points, like thorns. When they prick us, they cause discomfort or even pain.
One of our self-defense is always staying busy. We live hard and so fast that the truth of our lives can’t catch up with us. We fill every ounce of white space with something so there’s no room or time for emotion to make itself known.
But no matter what we use, we can’t selectively numb emotions. When we numb the dark, we also numb the light. When “taking the edge off” with a couple of glasses of red wine becomes routine, our experiences of joy and love and trust will become duller, too.

Thoughts from Rising Strong Book – Brene Brown

Accepting Core Identity

Mural Photo

Part of growing up is losing our identity. Living creative life is a chance to bring that identity back. We all have a core of who we are. In time, we lose our relationship with the core. But, we never loose the core.
There is a darkness inside of us that is real. In hiding the darkness, we show our weakness (by not accepting the unobstructed reality of who we are). 
We will see a lot of man in your life. We need to pass their weaknesses and see their strengths. By looking at obstacles in our life, we see who we become. Thru honesty comes clarity. Thru clarity comes power.
If we give too much attention to wrong thing, we will hurt what we should give attention to. Human beings need attention. We need to feel wanted. So, there is an illusion that somebody is going to come and help us. In effect, we have a society of victims. We do not like to be uncomfortable. When we cold, we warm up. When we hungry, we eat. What if we feel miserable and worthless? We need to understand what is self-worth. In today’s reality, everybody tries to sell us something. They are pushing messages that “we are not enough” (status of not having enough). 
Without worth, we feel hopeless. Without hope, we want to escape. 

About my daughter:  
She saves me because of the similarity how she sleeps, eat, talk etc. If I can love her I also have to love myself. I can be loved for being me. No double sided cards.

In my mind, there are viewfinders to the new senses inside of our attention zones. We could feel similarities. We could feel the gravity of emotional attachment. We could feel a sense of beauty, warmth and presence. With no fixed intention for own benefits, we could travel our life with less anxiety and extreme impulses. We are able to move toward more comfortable space at any given moment. Our action is captured in a loop of “yin and yang”. We are rise because we fall. There is no separation between these two states. It is one event. When we down in the darkness, why are we struggling to get up? Can we move from one state to the other without stress and fear? It is an essence of how we live our life. The level of difficulty will be different at every given moment. How do we handle each of the moment with a sense of comfort? Comfort is there. And it is always closest to reach.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Accepting the Transparent Reality of Your Core Identity with Wesley Chapman

Past, present, future

Door picture

The Past, present, and future are connected in one flow. Past affecting the present, the present affecting future, the future affecting the present. When we make a choice in present, we are laying a new layer for the past that need it to happen. All things are connected in space and all moments are connected in time. There was no time in history that you never existed. There is nothing you are not affecting. So, whatever we do, we should do it with kindness. If what you are is affecting all things, your inner sense is to do everything in any moment with love and kindness.
Since you affecting everything, it is important how you perceive yourself. It is important who surround you. Why live in an environment that put you down? An environment where your talent is not seen. Despite how much you protest, your consciousness gives you a message that you are not enough. Conscious decide first about self-love. To re-wire the brain, be aware of your body. Be aware how you stand, how you walk. And start walking with straight, relaxed shoulders and straight head. After few weeks, it becomes part of the brain architecture. People will change around you. They will be reacting to your change. The environment will reflect back to you how you feel about yourself. Intentionally smiling is therapeutic. It is not faking. If you consciously doing it, the environment will mirror how you feel about yourself.

Feels good to get an invitation to capture love and kindness – stream worthy memories, thoughts and tributes.

From podcast: “The Cosmos In You” with Dr. David Hamilton: The Cosmos In You

Photography and Novel

Sculpture-Book picture

So much appreciation for art is tied up to disbelieve: “How did they do that?” (Cirque du Soleil performance for example). We stare with amazement: “it simply cannot be” There is certain “wow” factor that impress us. To some degree, we can say that about other art forms. Where is that “wow” factor in photography? When was last time you looked at a photograph and had the deep “wow” factor experience?

For another photographer seeing work of photography goes with joy. It does not go with “how did they make that?” question. I know how it was done. I am not surprised or amazed. I imagine doing the same frame like if I was there. Why there is no “wow” factor experience there? Is it because I am a photographer or is it something else in photography itself? Despite that, a machine like a camera is amazing. A printer can make amazing, giant, tack sharp photos. The “wow” factor exists in a manufacture of the product but not in the artwork the product produces. Curiously, we cannot imagine looking at the tube of paint and say: “my dear, this is a marvelous tube of paint”. In painting or sculpting, “wow” factor exists entirely in artwork – not marble, chisel, hammer or paint brush. How is photography an art form?

Photography is mechanical. It is based on task and almost is never going to contain the same “wow” factor experience as in many other art forms. No one looks at the marble statue and wonders “what a spectacular marble”. Likewise, no one says: “what a spectacular way of pushing the camera button”. So, photographers are left with a depth of experience that they portray in their work. More, they express sensitivity in which they can obscure lives and make an interesting photograph. Arguable, “wow” factor could be embedded if we capture a spectacular subject (example: Burning Hindenburg). But then, photographic skills are irrelevant. So, where extraordinary technical talent and abilities go? Are they credited to a manufacturer of the camera or printer? Thus, it is rational to base photography on sensitivity, communication clarity, and expressive emotion. That leaves photographers face to face with “wow” factor that it is completely different than other visual art forms. The closest comparison related to photography is a novel. Writers use words and write them the way nobody else does it. What makes their novel spectacular? It is clarity of their expression, depth of their feelings and thoughts. Their talent and ability to express thoughts the way it is engaging. We can use exact the same definition to describe both: novel and photography.

In my opinion, there is one more thing. If the moment it clicks synchronize two environments, it uncovers beautiful frame. But only when you are patient enough and quick enough to recognize and react to it.

From Brooks Jensen podcast: LensWork

Photographic Projects

Weels Photo

Brooks Jensen shares whatever is on his mind. Questions, insights, problems, inspirations, books — bits and pieces about the creative process and life.
Here is one of many I liked. It’s about photographic projects. What if we make a photos about service, idea, thought, observation, feeling sensation or story. For example, a photographer had a passion for photographing “hats”- whenever he could find them. At the end, his collection was printed into a beautiful small book. The audience for this book were not another photographers but people who like hats. Book was presented in a section about clothing and sold out.
The idea intends to rich out people who are not interested in photography. So, stop making photos for other photographers. Because it’s like being director of a film and make movies for other directors.
It makes me think…kind of not what I intend to do it, too.

From Brooks Jensen podcast: LensWork

The four agreements:

Stairs photo

I would have to agree and sign-in under the four agreements of James Altucher:

  • Be impeccable with your word. It means if you say something, do it. If you feel like you have to lie to make excuses, then just do not say anything at all.
  • Don’t take anything personally.
  • Don’t make assumptions. If someone is upset at you, for instance, who knows what is going on in their life. that you have no idea about? Be curious. Ask questions. Be simple about finding out the truth in a situation before you jump to any assumptions.
  • Always do your best, then guaranteed you will do exactly the job you need to do.

  • From James Altucher book: “Choose Yourself!”

Are Your Environments Inspiring Or Expiring You?


Environments are stronger than willpower because they work on you 24/7. In life, we can be clear in our values and design our environments to express that values. When we feel resistance or low energy, it is because we work against our values. Focus on these: happiness, health, wealth; put your happiness first every single time. If we are not doing what inspires us, we robbing yourself from vital soul energy.

Re-train your brain and re-train your body to set up your environment to win. Eating better means not to stock your fridge with junk food.
Say “no” to everything that does not take you toward your goals. Say “no” to clutter and everything that is in conflict with your bigger purpose. Sometimes you do not know what you want because you have so much what you do not want.
If you do not know how is your office should look like, take out everything. Ask yourself what do you want to do in this room. Make a list of everything that distract you. Ask yourself: “ does this spark joy?”. Finally, bring back only what would help you to accomplish what you want.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Designing your environment for optimal performance and creativity with Jim Bunch

Marie Kondo book: “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”