School of Greatness

Photo-School of Greatness

When you go to a bookstore to what section you want to go and read everything?

I go to art sections to pick up books and magazines with imagery. I gather a stock of articles searching for a life force.

When are you the happiest?

When I convert others personal pathway of importance to the form that resonates with a larger audience.

Imagine perfect day from morning to night.

Wake up by silence filled with hushed early morning sounds. Resonate to the world outside by meditation, prayer and momentum journal. Begin with some stoic act – cold shower, exercise. Create new imagey. (Remember, when you create something every day, you do not have time to criticize other people.) Listen/read some word of wisdom. (Re-imagine the story you like the most – it makes you think what the author was thinking when he/she made that decision.) Explore the opportunity to help others to shine. Taste something new and appreciate it. Explore and practice unpredictability. Be around loved ones. Go to sleep with a heart filled with beauty.
What things makes you the happiest?

Music structured around unpredictability and surprise. Art forms meld into a mist of an ethereal dream … light, color and abstract shape. Emotion filled with curiosity, innocence, and wisdom and laughter. Wisdom that appear like shiny light ray in a murky pond. A sense of belonging. Finding new undiscovered territory within-promise of adventure. A fruitful barter paired to comfort.
Not necessary in that order.

Thoughts from James Altucher interview: “Lewis Howe’s School of Greatness” with Lewis Howes.