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Brooks Jensen shares whatever is on his mind. Questions, insights, problems, inspirations, books — bits and pieces about the creative process and life.
Here is one of many I liked. It’s about photographic projects. What if we make a photos about service, idea, thought, observation, feeling sensation or story. For example, a photographer had a passion for photographing “hats”- whenever he could find them. At the end, his collection was printed into a beautiful small book. The audience for this book were not another photographers but people who like hats. Book was presented in a section about clothing and sold out.
The idea intends to rich out people who are not interested in photography. So, stop making photos for other photographers. Because it’s like being director of a film and make movies for other directors.
It makes me think…kind of not what I intend to do it, too.

From Brooks Jensen podcast: LensWork

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