Past, present, future

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The Past, present, and future are connected in one flow. Past affecting the present, the present affecting future, the future affecting the present. When we make a choice in present, we are laying a new layer for the past that need it to happen. All things are connected in space and all moments are connected in time. There was no time in history that you never existed. There is nothing you are not affecting. So, whatever we do, we should do it with kindness. If what you are is affecting all things, your inner sense is to do everything in any moment with love and kindness.
Since you affecting everything, it is important how you perceive yourself. It is important who surround you. Why live in an environment that put you down? An environment where your talent is not seen. Despite how much you protest, your consciousness gives you a message that you are not enough. Conscious decide first about self-love. To re-wire the brain, be aware of your body. Be aware how you stand, how you walk. And start walking with straight, relaxed shoulders and straight head. After few weeks, it becomes part of the brain architecture. People will change around you. They will be reacting to your change. The environment will reflect back to you how you feel about yourself. Intentionally smiling is therapeutic. It is not faking. If you consciously doing it, the environment will mirror how you feel about yourself.

Feels good to get an invitation to capture love and kindness – stream worthy memories, thoughts and tributes.

From podcast: “The Cosmos In You” with Dr. David Hamilton: The Cosmos In You