Joyful estate

conductor photo

Our behavior by default is run by the subconscious program. The program comes from our environment: parents, family school. It does not have own wishes. It holds wishes those who programmed us (The average person thinks 95% of the day.) Conscious mind controls your life and operates less than 5% the time. By definition, our wishes, desires, aspirations are not running thru our nervous system. What is running thru our nerves system is a program. 95% of our day is run by the subconscious program. These programs are sabotaging and limiting us when we have a problem. The program is playing and we do not pay attention. These programs are taking us away from our destination.  When there is no conductor, there is no harmony. 

People are less happy when they wonder with their minds. Most of the time when our mind wonders, we think about unpleasant things. (worries, anxieties, regrets.) 47% of the time people think about something else than what they are doing. Mind wondering seems to be consequences of unhappiness. We are universally happier when we are fully engaged in the activity. So, How can you be at the moment? Notice where your attention is and brings it back when it wonders. Slow down and observe it.
We are a culture of speed – it’s sexy. “Slow” is perceived as inferior, lazy and stupid.

Since the human brain is not able to sustain one feeling for a long time, it is important how we frame events. It is a work. But, if we are grateful we are not fearful. If we are not fearful, we are not violent. We are more in a joyful estate.

Thoughts from Gary Null (11.03.15) Progressive Commentary Hour – interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton and “Simply Happy” – TED Radio Hour