How we find things that give us a meaning?


How we find things that give us a meaning? Do the things you do during the course of your day align with your values?

Experiment with a school sidewalk: An architect looked at the path that students made during the year and then build the sidewalk.
Look at your data. When you were the most motivated, a passion is driven.

Waking up five in the morning makes me feel good but in practice I hate it. It’s like a bad breakup. You fall in love with the idea of this person but in reality, you hate to be with that person. The idea to change our life is so lovable. But, what do we actually have to do to achieve that change? How do we transition from an idea to a habit?
Successful people are those who can connect most dots. (Uber – they knew about the taxi industry and app development so they connected that). It seems like creativity could be the way to connect the idea with a habit.

Production fall into 3 components:

  1. – managing your time
  2. – managing your energy
  3. – managing your attention

Although it is not about how much we produced; it’s how much we accomplished.
Here is the “golden triangle” – exercise, eating, getting enough sleep
Also, working on one thing at the time add good spin to it.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast“Living an Insanely Productive Life” with Wesley Chapman