Marek Headshot

Hi, my name is Marek. I am a professional photographer. I am happy you are here. I hope you enjoyed captured emotions in my galleries.

The real moments happen in the continuity. The one specific moment there could be the picture. For that reason, I favor documentary / photo journalistic style. I want my photos to look like there was no camera there. So, your wedding pictures will show real moments filled with emotions. It is a difference between a fake cheesy smile and when you are laughing from your eyes. The later feels warm, authentic…it is inviting and draws people in. A value of momentum lasts for generations.

In person, I am introspective but on a lookout for an interesting photo opportunity. On spare time like to run, drop in for tai-chi class, dive into music, books, favorite podcasts and catch a good movie. But, my true treasure is my family: my wife and 3 lovely children.

Location: Princeton, New Jersay