Are Your Environments Inspiring Or Expiring You?


Environments are stronger than willpower because they work on you 24/7. In life, we can be clear in our values and design our environments to express that values. When we feel resistance or low energy, it is because we work against our values. Focus on these: happiness, health, wealth; put your happiness first every single time. If we are not doing what inspires us, we robbing yourself from vital soul energy.

Re-train your brain and re-train your body to set up your environment to win. Eating better means not to stock your fridge with junk food.
Say “no” to everything that does not take you toward your goals. Say “no” to clutter and everything that is in conflict with your bigger purpose. Sometimes you do not know what you want because you have so much what you do not want.
If you do not know how is your office should look like, take out everything. Ask yourself what do you want to do in this room. Make a list of everything that distract you. Ask yourself: “ does this spark joy?”. Finally, bring back only what would help you to accomplish what you want.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Designing your environment for optimal performance and creativity with Jim Bunch

Marie Kondo book: “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”