Act of paying attention

Murky Window Picture - act of paying attention

Often in resignation and resentment lie our goal. It’s not for me It’s too late – connect right to it.
The act of paying attention is like a flicker of goldfish in a murky pond. Trust that, follow it and learn from it.

We are the only spices that have the capacity to pose between stimulus and response. Pause, learn and apply the knowledge from previous experiences. Next time, respond rather than react.

If you invite me to your house to show off your successful project, I do not care. If you invite me to talk to me about your life, we both experience something. I will be up to it at any time.

If we all hang up on hope, we will create unnecessary suffering. We need to increase the probability and leave out the possibility. We increase our chances in an environment where we can be vulnerable. We should look for safe places where we can explore our flows. We need to feel safe around people we trust. We do not need an environment with people we cannot tell the truth.

Be who you are at the core by peeling away what is not really you.

Thoughts from two interviews of Unmistakable Creative: “Finding the Thread of our deepest desire” with Jen Louden and
“How to live well and die well” with Greg Hartle