Accepting Core Identity

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Part of growing up is losing our identity. Living creative life is a chance to bring that identity back. We all have a core of who we are. In time, we lose our relationship with the core. But, we never loose the core.
There is a darkness inside of us that is real. In hiding the darkness, we show our weakness (by not accepting the unobstructed reality of who we are). 
We will see a lot of man in your life. We need to pass their weaknesses and see their strengths. By looking at obstacles in our life, we see who we become. Thru honesty comes clarity. Thru clarity comes power.
If we give too much attention to wrong thing, we will hurt what we should give attention to. Human beings need attention. We need to feel wanted. So, there is an illusion that somebody is going to come and help us. In effect, we have a society of victims. We do not like to be uncomfortable. When we cold, we warm up. When we hungry, we eat. What if we feel miserable and worthless? We need to understand what is self-worth. In today’s reality, everybody tries to sell us something. They are pushing messages that “we are not enough” (status of not having enough). 
Without worth, we feel hopeless. Without hope, we want to escape. 

About my daughter:  
She saves me because of the similarity how she sleeps, eat, talk etc. If I can love her I also have to love myself. I can be loved for being me. No double sided cards.

In my mind, there are viewfinders to the new senses inside of our attention zones. We could feel similarities. We could feel the gravity of emotional attachment. We could feel a sense of beauty, warmth and presence. With no fixed intention for own benefits, we could travel our life with less anxiety and extreme impulses. We are able to move toward more comfortable space at any given moment. Our action is captured in a loop of “yin and yang”. We are rise because we fall. There is no separation between these two states. It is one event. When we down in the darkness, why are we struggling to get up? Can we move from one state to the other without stress and fear? It is an essence of how we live our life. The level of difficulty will be different at every given moment. How do we handle each of the moment with a sense of comfort? Comfort is there. And it is always closest to reach.

Thoughts from Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Accepting the Transparent Reality of Your Core Identity with Wesley Chapman