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Making choices often and early


Steal the Show with Michael Port:

Be the kind of person so others are willing to help you. Choose early and often. 
Strong ability to improvise, it will help us to stay longer in the moment. Instead of thinking about what to say next or what to say something about that we already said.
The choices we make signal the other people who we are and what we believe in. If we do not make choices that are strong, we do not produce much. If we make choices that are weak-easy, we revile low image of our self. If we do not make any choices at all, nothing will happen. If we make choices often and early, it gets us further and quicker.

It seems like overcoming resistance is a step toward the strong choice. Less is better but is it strong? Exploring the “stronger” choices takes readiness and previsualization. They are resources for improvisation-stay longer in the moment.

Stand Out — Dorie Clark:

“To bring idea to live you do not necessary need time, you need space for it”
You will never go where you want to get by attacking the target directly. You almost always need to go sideways to build your brand sufficiently. So they hear of you and they will come to you.
Play your strength. If it takes you to write a blog 25 hours, do it video.

So, be the kind of person that others are willing to help. Make yourself useful for others.

Thoughts from two interviews of Unmistakable Creative: “Steal the Show” with Michael Port and Accidental Creative: Dorie Clark on “Stand Out”



John McAfee:
Privacy is the highest standard in our life. We are making privacy decision every day. We are nobody without privacy.
Apple does not make money by you buying iPhone. They making money finding information about you. “Tell us where you are and we will help you to find the restaurant”. It feels good when you lose privacy because you are being assisted – it will make live easier for you. You do not need to think that much.
Gary Vaynerchuk:
Privacy is dead; nobody gives a shit about privacy . We are all media company right now. Everything is recorded and that makes us accountable. Transparency is real.

Transparency is a good framework to better yourself. Although, privacy enclose more information (reality). We can learn from each other thru transparency; we can exercise our kindness, honesty, and generosity. Transparency is entertaining, emotional and insightful. Privacy lives in the waiting room. It is comfort and joy, and sorrow, and suffering… Privacy leads transparency. While transparency fuels privacy to extract more data, privacy responds by protecting our growth and well being. Perhaps, a more meaningful privacy, the more transparent we can become.

Thoughts from two interviews of The James Altucher Show – with John McAfee and Gary Vaynerchuk