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Awareness – Anthony de Mello


Happiness is not thrill or excitement. Happiness is a state of not illusion. Every time we are unhappy, we added something to reality. We do not need to add anything; we need to drop something. It’s the addition that creates negative reaction in you. Reality provides stimulus. We provide reaction: desire, expectation, curving, confusion. We cannot get something we already have it. No event can justify negative feelings. Never identify with that feeling. There is a “hurt” feeling right now. But, everything passes. A reality is in a flow.
The table you bumped your knee against, it does what suppose to do. The pain is on your knee, not on the table. When somebody you do not like it passes by, do you think: “I want you to behave, otherwise I will punish myself with not positive feelings”? Understand, the feeling is in you, not in the reality. The reality is not problematic.

Whoever said that you need a sense of belonging was wrong. What you need is to be free. And you do not do anything to be free. You drop something to be free. When you drop illusions, life is easy.

Do not seek the truth – just drop off your opinion. Truth cannot be put into the words. Reality cannot be put into a formula.

What you aware of, you in control. What you not aware of, it controls you. You loose something when you not aware.

When illusion clash with the truth (falseness with reality), we suffer. The root of a sorrow is carving. Suffering will vanish when you understand it.
When you have a toothache, you aware that you have a tooth. When you do not have a toothache, you do not even know that you have a tooth.

When you throw black ink to the air, it stays clear. Become uncontaminated. Do not fulfill a desire. Understand it. See it in a true light. Transform desire to preference-2nd choice.

Success is when you do not have to explain to anyone. You do not give a shit what anybody think of you.

When you change, everything changes. How do you change? You do not have to do anything. All you have to do is to understand.

We see people not as they are but as you are. That is why when 2 people look at something, they see different things.

We do not need to be loved, we need to Love. Why do you love somebody? Is it because you have a list of my conditions that are appealing to you? Love is clear perception without ideas or concept.

No one reject you, they just reject what they think you are.

The dance and the dancer: God is the dancer and creation is the dance (you are being a dance)…realize that you are something other than you.
The final barrier to finding God it is a concept of the word God. The word is not the thing. Concepts are universal, not individual. Trees, leaves…not oak leave. If I cannot express the reality that is visible to you, how can I describe God? God is an unexplained mystery. Concepts only lead us to reality. Concepts are static. The concept will drop when you connect to reality. A reality is in a flow.

The one who wants to stay constant must constantly change (flow). Flow with an enemy and you overcome an enemy. Only if you have solid attitudes it hurts. Solid things break when you cut them. When your nose is unobstructed, you smell better. When your eye is unobstructed, you see better. When your mind is unobstructed, the result is wisdom. Wisdom is not experience. Wisdom is influenced by experience. When the heart is unobstructed, the result is love. See each person in its moment of freshness (not precondition).

Keeping body alive is not a life. You live only if you ready to loose your life. Only when it does not matter if you dead or alive. If you are protecting your life, you are dead.

You will be judged not by what you do but who you are. Not your action but your being.

Be aware of things around you. Love is generated thru awareness.

Thoughts from Awareness – book by Anthony de Mello


Numing Pictures

Picture emotions as sharp points, like thorns. When they prick us, they cause discomfort or even pain.
One of our self-defense is always staying busy. We live hard and so fast that the truth of our lives can’t catch up with us. We fill every ounce of white space with something so there’s no room or time for emotion to make itself known.
But no matter what we use, we can’t selectively numb emotions. When we numb the dark, we also numb the light. When “taking the edge off” with a couple of glasses of red wine becomes routine, our experiences of joy and love and trust will become duller, too.

Thoughts from Rising Strong Book – Brene Brown